IGC Converter

This program converts igc-files that are created by flight loggers to kml-files that can be shown in the Google Earth - Mapservice. Conversion is similar to the OLC. But there are advantages:

Optimization is made for the FAI-OLC triangle assuming a closed flight path.


Download the archive that fits to your environment. For Windows and Linux just unpack in an arbitrary directory and call the script 'igcconv' in the subdirectory 'today'. No registry entries are made.


Java Runtime 1.5 oder higher. Java can be downloaded here http://java.com/

Download v1.3

New: thermalling, Color enconding of timestamps

Platform Archive
Linux IgcConv Linux V1.3
Linux 64 IgcConv 64 Linux V1.3
Windows IgcConv Windows V1.3

(Downloads für jre 1.4)


For playing the flight path in Google Earth see IGC Flight Replay.

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