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15.01.2017 Unfortunately Google does not support the interface to Google Earth anymore. Therefore for the time being IGC Replay will not be offered anymore. I Hope you had a lot of fun with IGC Replay.

Mit der Anwendung eine IGC Datei direkt laden (kein KML) und im Google Earth - Kartenprogramm nachfliegen. Das ist besser als fernsehen und, wie ich finde, enorm lehrreich. Mit den richtigen IGC-Dateien an der Hand kann man sich z.B. auf Aussenlandungen oder Landungen auf anderen Plätzen vorbereiten.

The application loads igc files directly (without the need for kml) and replays the flights within the Google Earth - Mapservice. Replays are enthralling and instructive at the same time. Using selected igc files, for instance from the OLC, it helps you to get acquainted with foreign terrain or to get prepared for outlandings or foreign airfields

As an igc-example a flight in the north eastern alps (Dassu - Schmittenhöhe - Kreuzjoch - Chiemsee) is built in.


Download V1.1 Build: 30.12.2012

New in Build 30.12.2012: Some Bugfixes and changes of default settings.

New in V1.0:

  • Interface for Version 6.0 of Google Earth implemented.
  • Banking.
  • Sun-Control.
Please note
  • When using Google Earth Version 5.1 or less the Interface 'COM API' should be used in IGC-Replay (Tab Google Earth).
  • When using Google Earth Version 5.2 or higher the Interface 'Plugin Scripting' should be used.
  • See also the notes on performance in the help.
Platform Setup
Windows IGC Flight Replay

... subject to further development !


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Annotated Flights

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