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  • A nice flight in Scotland has been added to the annotated flights in menu Flights->public. Thanks to Kate. (If the flight is not present refresh with right mose button.)


  • A PDA/PNA/Kobo can easily connected with IGCReplay by WiFi using a Serial Port Emulator. For example VSPEmulator from Eterlogic.com. You just have to setup a Virtual Serial Port with 9800 Baud and a TCP Server. For VSPEmulator you may use this config file.


  • A bugfix for these randomly occurring jumps after skip thermalling is available.


  • Central Europe Thermal Maps can be opened now from the Google Earth Tab. The maps are from thermal.kk7.ch. Thx !


  • Some users reported that the plugin of the new GE Version is not as stable as the 6.1 version. If you experience frequent crashes the old version can be downloaded from filehippo .


  • Note that the best fix interval in igc-logs is between 4-8 seconds. If your log has 1 sec intervals replay might be 'nervous'. In this case you can enforce a better replay by setting the 'Min Fix Interval' to 4 sec under Extra->More Options in IGC Replay.


  • A new version Build is available. It contains basically bugfixes. The Google Earth Tab has a new tree for IGC Replay Places. Send me an e-mail if you want to contribute.


  • A new version of IGC-Replay is available. This version uses the new Interface and works with the current and hopefully all future versions of Google Earth !


  • Note: Google has announced to discontinue the support for the underlying interface in future versions. If you want to use IGC Replay you should stay with Google Earth Version 5.1 until futher notice !
    The current version 5.2 still works, but replay is inferior and in IGC-Replay the Cam Speed has to be adjusted to 4.99 (tab 'Google Earth').


  • Ein toller neuer Flugbericht von Markus Gusenleitner. Zu finden im Menu 'Flights' unter 'public'.
    Danke Markus !


  • American units (fps and mph) have been added in the current build.


  • A new build is available. It is adjusted to work with the new GE Version 5.1.


  • Since 10.09.2009 an new Google Earth Version 5.1 is available. IGC Replay may not work outright with V5.1. If an error is displayed you have to register GE as COM Server once. After Registration IGC Replay will work again (apart from an error message while closing the app, which can be ignored). An IGC Replay Update for V5.1 is on the way.


  • A maintenance build is available. New is the possibility to jump to the next / previous thermal.


  • Unter 'Flights->Public' sind Flüge aus einem Streckenfluglehrgang von Jan Lyczywek eingestellt. Sehr sehenswert !


  • Again a new build since 27.02.2009. It runs under the 64 bit versions of XP/Vista. No need to update if IGC Replay runs for you.


  • A new build is available. It is needed only for the new GE Version 5.0. As fas as IGC Replay is concerned I recommend to stay with GE Version 4.3.
  • Under Flights->Public some new flights have been added !


  • The 507 km paraglider record flight in South Africa has been added to the public flights.


  • The new version V0.7 is available.


  • Some installations of IGC Replay do not show the 'More' menu (with Help/Update entries etc.). To get the menu move the grey spacer between the two panels to the right. Or wait for the maintenance build that will come in a week or two.


  • Note: the annotated flight editor also generates pure html that can be used without igc-replay. If you open the html page with a 'nonreplay' - attribute ( xxxxxxx.html?nonreplay ) all fotos are displayed.


  • Under Annotated Flights -> Public you find a flight in the Himalaya

New in Build 14.07.2008

  • Layers and places on Google Earth tab.
  • Click time slider and use scroll wheel.
  • FAI triangle distances on the Info overlay.
  • New stylesheet for annotated flights.
  • Shift path on 'Extra' tab.
  • More keys.
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